White Gesso bowl with silver decorated pattern

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Recycled items

  • Cracked serving platter

Also needed

  • Brushes (strong ones)
  • White gesso
  • Sand paper (fine grade)


  1. Clean the cracked platter in luke warm soapy water and allow to dry. Use a piece of sandpaper with a fine grade and give the platter a light sand to get rid of any old varnish, wipe it clean with a damp cloth.
  2. Apply the gesso with a strong wide paintbrush to the ceramic platter. If the gesso is too thick, add a little water to it to make it more liquid. Leave it to dry. Apply 5-6 layers allowing each to dry before applying the next.
  3. While you wait for the gesso to dry you can start to prepare your picture for the decoupage process.


You will need

  • PVA or modge podge (sealant)
  • Small sharp scissors
  • Water-based varnish and brush
  1. Before you cut out the image, first coat it with sealant, then leave to dry.
  2. Cut around the edge of the image with the small pair of scissors.
  3. Make sure the gesso is dry before you continue with the decoupage technique.
  4. Decide how you want to arrange the images on the platter.
  5. When you are satisfied with your layout, paint some sealant on the reverse side of the image. Place it in position, press down gently and rub over it with your fingers to smooth away any air bubbles and excess glue. Paint two coats of sealant over the surface for protection. Allow the first one to dry before you apply the second coat.
  6. When you are satisfied with your object, apply the final layer of varnish. This serves to protect the newly decoupage platter, as well as your decorative work, from heat and water damage.

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