Africa sunset image


Recycled items

  • Cut out candle wrappers with an African theme x2

  • Embroidery hoops x2

  • Old thin Perspex sheet (frosted)

Also needed

  • Glue stick

  • Blunt knife

  • Plain white paper and very hot iron


  1. Roll the Perspex sheet in a cylinder and place the embroidery hoops on both end sides to keep it in a permanent cylinder position.

  2. Use a blunt knife and remove the wrappers from the used candles.

  3. Place the wrappers between the plain white paper and iron over it to remove any wax.

  4. Use the glue stick and paste the wrappers onto the outside of the cylinder above the bottom embroidery hoop. Allow to dry.

  5. When completely dry place it over a battery operated or wax candle to give the sunset effect

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