August: Art and crafts for kids


According to a NASA study, 98% of children aged five are highly creative, but that figure falls to just 2% by their mid-twenties. What happened between the ages of five and 25? As parents, we have a responsibility to stimulate our children more. Stimulation is not just about doing – it’s all about challenging. You challenge children more by asking them questions to make them think than you do simply by making them do something.

The NASA study suggests that creativity is a gift to everyone, but the ball is in your court when it comes to making use of that creativity. Take some time to do some simple things with your children this holiday without the burden of spending a lot of money. These ideas are just guidelines to help get your creative juices flowing. Take the simple techniques and apply them to your own ideas. Be brave and think outside the box. As someone once said, “An idea will make you start, creativity will make you finish it.”

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