Birdie hooks


My initial idea was to trace these birds on MDF and then to cut them out with a zig saw. It took too long, so plan B came into existence.

Method for plan B

  1. Print a bird template from the internet or make your own by putting a lot of small birds in a row on a branch.
  2. Trace the template on white paper and cut around the edges; put it aside while you prepare the wood piece.
  3. Paint the wood piece with acrylic paint and allow it to dry. When it is dry, drill two holes to the top part for the hanging device.
  4. Paint a thin layer of glue to the back part of the cut-out pictures and paste them to the wooden piece.
  5. Decide how many hooks you want to attached, position them, and when you are happy with your layout, press them into the wood.
  6. Thread a thick white string through the drilled holes to form a hanging device.
  7. Your newly-made hook board is ready for display.

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