Cover an old cake-stand with pretty fabric

Wishing you a blessed New Year and may creativity and new ideas flow this year. I thought it to be a wonderful idea while we are in the heart of our summer months to kick start our creativity with some tea party ideas.
Let us all live and love life, be at peace with our loved ones and trust God in all circumstances. I hope that you will join me in this renewing of the mind.
Life is too short. Live life with joy and let creativity flow from you. So, with that said, let each cuppa be a celebration. Enjoy.

The following  recycled items are required:

  • Old glass cake-stand unassembled
  • Leftover fabric

The following items will also be required:

  • Sheet of paper (for template)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Wallpaper glue
  • Small cups
  • Damp cloth

1.  Firstly, we need to create a template for cutting the fabric.  Put a sheet of paper on a smooth flat surface, place the glass plate on the paper and draw along the circumference of the plate.
2.  Add an additional two centimetres around the circumference before you cut the fabric out.
3.  Using your fingers, paint wallpaper glue onto the bottom side of your glass plate.  Make sure that the glass plate has glue evenly spread before pasting the fabric.  Now paste the cut fabric onto the glass.  Make sure that the decorative side faces in.  Carefully remove air bubbles and excess glue by using your fingers to press the fabric onto the glass.  Work your fingers from the centre towards the outer edge.  Do not be concern about fabric that sticks over the border. Follow these steps for all plates.
4.  Place each glass plate upside down on a small cup to elevate it from your work surface and in so doing, preventing it from sticking to anything. Leave to dry overnight.
5.  Once dried, you can now cut away any excess fabric from the rims and cut an opening for the metal stand using a craft knife or sharp scissors.
6.  Use a damp cloth to remove any dry wallpaper glue from the top side of the plate.
7.  Cut some of the fabric in small pieces and start to cover the stand in a papier-mache way. Allow it to dry overnight.
8.  When everything is completely dry assemble the stand and display.



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