Mask for the NEW year’s party

Gelatos are a blend between a Chanel lipstick and a wax crayon. They are so easy to use with no mess. Best described by Faber castell on their website: There is nothing on the market that compares with Design Memory Craft Gelatos. They are compact acid-free pigment sticks. They are creamy smooth and glide on. There are vibrant colours with excellent coverage. All Gelatos blend easily with or without water. Try this unique medium on paper, canvas or even wood!

It is a must have, so go on and spoil yourself this festive season with a packet of these gems! I have decided to give my New year’s party a dress-up theme. Why don’t you do the same and design a mask for each of your guests or, ask them to come masked to your party.

The following items are required:

• White mask ready to be decorated
• Gold and silver gelatos with sponge
• Feathers
• Silver stars
• Small pieces of two-sided sponge squares

The method to make dinner party masks:

This medium is truly awesome and can be used on so many different objects

1. Colour the mask in with a silver gelato by draw lines all over the mask. Use a little water and dip a sponge into the water.
2. In small round motions allow the gelato wax to spread to do the colour in. Now we can highlight certain areas of the mask by using gold gelato. The added benefit of using gelatos are that they dry very quickly.
3. Once you have finished colouring in, use feathers and stars to finish off the decorating of the mask. I use two-sided sponge squares to glue the decorations on. To add dimension to the mask, put two or more on top of each other, this gives an illusion of being three-dimensional.

Also take a look at these instructions – Click here.

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