Dear crafter


Dear crafter
When I start any new project I draw inspiration from external ideas to keep
me motivated. After spending time in Stellenbosch I was fascinated by the symmetry and geometric shapes that this South Africa has to offer.

With this insight I have embarked on a new recycle challenge. I used objects that have run their shelf-life but now have offered it a new lease of life. I decided to use white as
the main colour throughout for its adaptable shade that shifts effortlessly between styles.

I believe that we are our grace choices. This may sound like a new liberation move but for some it will be a daunting idea. To decide on the right upcycle choice with each object is sometimes the most difficult decision to make.

Imagination and modernisation can touch on one’s sanity. I use a white canvas with each object and apply different paint and glue techniques to give each object a unique composure.

Whether you are looking for a grand piece of prominence, a single mirror, an object to be
admired, or a new technique, I hope this will be your one-stop shop.

The purpose of any idea is merely a guide to trigger your own imaginative style.

I trust that you will enjoy the new objects that I am going to share with you.

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