Decorate your own teacups

Paint pouring is one of the most exciting craft projects because it is so easy and is very appealing to both adults and children.

The following recycled items are required:

  • Glass paint
  • Glass or ceramic cups

The following items are also required:

  • Apron to wear
  • Old newspaper


  1. This can be quite a messy project, so make sure that your worksurface is well covered with newspaper and I suggest that you wear an apron.
  2. The paint that you use must have a liquid texture for easy pouring.
  3. Place the cup face down and pour some paint on the bottom of the cup. Allow the paint to run down the sides of the cup, create whatever pattern you desire by changing the direction of the paint and to make sure that it drip-run the same on all sides.
  4. This is freehand, so you can do it in any way that you like.


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