How to make fabric flowers

This is a very creative and beautiful way to use up any leftover fabric that you have at home.  These fabric flowers can be displayed in vases on its own or in decorations with other greenery.

The following recycled items are required:

  • Florist’s wire (1 mm floral green stub wire)
  • Round or cylindrical object (to shape the wire)
  • Fabrics (shantung works best)
  • Buttons
  • The following items will also be required:
  • Small paint brush
  • Fabric glue
  • Sharp fabric scissors
  • Green florist’s tape
  • Instructions:
  1. Each flower needs five petals and 30cm of florist wire per petal.  I suggest that before you start this project, you know the number of flowers that you intend making and to have the correct number of items at hand.
  2. Shape one end of a 30-cm length of wire into a circular petal around a cylindrical object and keep the remaining length of wire straight. Repeat this for each petal required.
  3. Measure the length of your petals (they should all be the same), then cut out strips of fabric to the same length.
  4. Once you have made enough petals, paint one side of the wire petals with fabric glue and place them firmly along the fabric strips.
  5. Leave them to dry, then cut the fabric around the outer edges of the wire petals.
  6. Bend the petal backwards from the stem. You can use pliers for a 45-degree bend.  Put a wire stem through a button to form the center of the flower and arrange five other petals and stems around it. Bind the stems together with florist’s tape.
  7. Adjust the position of the petals to your preference.

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