Dryer pipe becomes funky light


This lampshade is very easy to make you must just get the right light fitting and gadget. Half an hour job. Use a light fitting with a Led bulb.

(An LED, or light-emitting diode, light bulb does not possess a filament that will burn out over time. An incandescent light bulb creates light by warming up the filament that throws off light. Instead of heating up the bulb to produce light, the LED uses semiconductors that bond atoms with surrounding diodes to create power. There is no source of heat necessary to form light. This is the same method that is used in modern flashlights and the rear lights of vehicles)

Attach two round magnets to the end parts of the dryer outlet pipe with a glue gun. You can also use binder clips to keep it together. Feed the light fitting to the inside of the pipe and wow your funky light bring delight. Use a metal chain or string as hanging device.

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