Felt daisy

Felt daisy

Recycled items

  • 20 x 20cm padded table protector (one side felt and the other side rubber)

Also needed

  • Paper, pencil and ruler to draw petal template

  • Scissors

  • Glue gun and bullets


  1. Draw a petal template on a piece of paper and cut it out.

  2. Trace the outlines onto the rubber side of the table protector with a pen.

  3. Cut out about 20 petals using scissors.

  4. Cut around piece of felt the size of a R5/£2 coin.

  5. Fill the round piece of felt with hot glue from a glue gun and arrange the petals from the outside in, to form a daisy shape. You will need to work quickly before the glue cools down. Allow to dry.

  6. When the glue is dry, place the daisy in a decorated tin and display.

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