Flags from story books

When we celebrate occasions in our home, we always hang the banner and the bunting. What a wonderful way to celebrate the birth of a new arrival.

Recycled items required
• Cardboard strips
• String
• Old storey books

The following items will also be required
• pencil and ruler
• cardboard for template
• sponge brush
• scissors or craft knife
• craft glue
• Hole puncher

1. Using cardboard create a flag template.
2. Trace the flag template onto the cardboard strips as well as on to story book pages. Cut out the flags with either a pair of scissors or a craft knife.
3. Glue the story book triangles onto the cardboard triangles. Use a punch and punch two holes into the wide part of the newly made flags.
4. Join the flags together by threading a length of string through each hole. I left a 5 cm gap between each triangle, but you can adjust this to your requirements.
5. Display the flags above the cot or in the nursery window to celebrate the new arrival.

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