Give an old fold-up chair a facelift


Remove the fabric from the chair and dye it in a  blue denim color. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Cover the wooden parts of the chair with old magazines in a papier-Mache way for a new look.

How to do Papier-mâché

You will need

  • plastic sheet or oil cloth

  • apron

  • paper (newspaper, white wallpaper, or unused magazines or books)

  • old wooden chair

  • water-based glue


  1. Protect your working surface with plastic or an oil cloth (easy to clean). Wear an apron to protect your clothes.

  2. Tearing the paper rather than cutting it, allows for smooth seams. Use 5 cm-wide strips for larger objects and 2 cm-wide strips for smaller objects.

  3. Paint glue on both sides of the paper strips with a paintbrush or simply dip the paper in the glue. Remove any excess glue with your fingers.

  4. Lay the strips individually on the wooden pieces, until the entire chair is covered. It is important to remove any air bubbles and excess glue. Do this by gently pressing the glue paper against the surface of your object, always moving from the middle outwards.

  5. Leave to dry (this will take 6–8 hours).

  6. Cover the papier-mache with a water based varnish.

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