Denim apron

IMG_3007 Almie11

Recycled items

  • Old denim

  • Upholstery webbing

  • String for decoration

Also needed

  • Fabric scissors

  • Measuring tape


  1. Use a measuring tape and measure the required size of the apron on your own body, the waste and the length.

  2. Lay the jeans on a flat surface – use the measurements and cut a straight line from the crotch to one leg for the length of the apron. Fold it onto the other leg and do the same.

  3. Cut along the side seams and open the legs up. You now have your piece to work with.

  4. Cut the straight line into a curved one for a decorative look. Feed the upholstery webbing through the denim loops. Use some string to decorate it. No fuss just fun.

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