How to paint silverware

I have a passion for beautiful silverware and I take pride in cleaning it and fixing it up. However, sometimes the silverware is irreparable.
I had previously mentioned in my blog, that you can spray paint, however I have recently discovered DALA’s gold silver and rose gold metal paints and had great results. The colors mix beautifully together and you can decide on your own color.

Before painting your silverware, make sure that it is clean and fat free. Most silverware has a polish and fat build up in the hidden crevasses from years of cleaning. I would suggest that you soak your silverware in soapy water mixed with half a cup of white vinegar. Allow it to dry. I would suggest that you work on a protected surface and ensure that you mix enough paint before you start the painting process. For even coverage, rather use a sponge than a brush and apply the paint by dabbing, meaning, lightly press against the surface of the object to cover it with the paint. Once you have covered your object with one layer, leave it to dry.

Once dry, repeat the same process for an additional 3 to 4 layers. This will give your object a smooth looking finish. Remember to let your object dry completely before applying the next layer. Once you are happy with your paint work, finish the project off by varnishing your object with a spray lacquer. (follow the manufacture’s instructions)

Voila, you have a beautify restored piece of décor.

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