How to make a table from bicycle rims

This little table is so unique and easy to make. The only snag is to find three bicycle wheels that are the same size. Ask around, there are so many keen cyclists, or go to car boot sales. If all else fails, you can find them at bicycle shops. We need to remove the tyres from the rims. Deflate the air from the innertube, this will make the removal of the tyre so much easier. I would suggest that you use a screwdriver to prise the tyre from the rims once deflated. Clean the rims with warm soapy water to remove any grime and grease.

The following recycled items are required:
• 3 bicycle rims (same size)
• Round glass top or mirror

The following items will also be needed:
• 4 white Cable Ties 305×4.7cm
• Pliers
• Power drill fitted with a 6mm metal bit
• Silver spray paint
• 3 anti-scratch pads

1. Position two rims together, ensuring that the valve openings are next to each. Tie the rims together at the valve openings with a cable tie.
2. You are going to need a spare pair of hands for this next step. Your assistant needs to hold the two cable-tied rims in an upright position and you need to place the third rim between them to form a triangle shape. Use a marker and mark where the three rims meet.
3. Using a drill, drill holes in each rim where you placed your mark. This will allow you to tie the rims together with cable ties.
4. Now your rims are tied together, check that you are happy with their positioning and that they are securely fastened together. If you are happy, remove any excess cable ties by cutting the spare bits off with pliers.
5. Remember at all times when working with spray paint to work in a well-ventilated space, to always wear plastic gloves and to wear a spray mask. Now you can spray your beautiful newly made table stand. Allow to dry.
6. Once the spray paint is completely dry, stick the anti-scratch pads on the topside of the stand and place the glass circle on top. Your table is now ready to be displayed as a second chance winner.

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