Old milk jar vases

The following recycled items will be needed:
• Empty 2l milk bottles
• Left over tissue paper and old newspapers

You will also need the following items:
• PVA glue/wallpaper glue
• Spray paint
• Craft knife and small pair of scissors
• Black sharpie

1. Wash the bottles in boiling hot soapy water to ensure that any fatty marks are washed away.
2. Once you have decided on your pattern/design, draw free hand onto the bottles. Be careful to cut along the lines of your design/pattern on the bottles. You can use a craft knife, however, if you feel uncomfortable, use a small pair of scissors.
3. You can start to cover your newly made vases in papier-mâché. (see basic technique) Leave it dry.
4. If you so desire, you can spray paint some of your new vases. Please remember to check that the spray paint is suitable for plastic surfaces. Always remember to wear a dust mask and work in a well-ventilated area when you spray paint.
5. Once your vases are completely dry, they are now ready for display. Enjoy them.

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