Instructions for Ball lamp stand

IMG_4015 (1)
Recycled items:
  • Plastic balls (the ones that you find in soft ball play areas)
  • Lampstand with a thin steel bar
Also needed:
  • Awl
  • Spray paint (I used silver)
  1. Remove the base and the plug of the lampstand to allow you to push the balls up onto the steel bar.
  2. Push a hole right through the middle of the plastic balls with the awl. Make sure it is big enough for the steel bar to go through.
  3. Start to thread the balls onto the steel bar, until it is all covered.
  4. Place the covered steel bar on a piece of newspaper in a good ventilated area and spray paint it on one side. When it is completely dry, turn it around and spray paint the other side.
  5. When everything is dry, connect the lampstand to the base and the plug.

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