Leather basket


Recycled items

  • Old hanging basket

  • Leather pants/jacket or shirt 

  • Old leather belt

  • Old decorative cupboard handles

Also needed

  • Fabric scissors

  • Fabric glue and brush

  • Binder clips 

  • Pins 

  • Single hole punch for leather

  • Long nose pliers


  1. Wash the hanging basket and make sure that it is free of dust and rust. If it has rust marks, treat it with a rust preventer. While the basket is drying, start to cut the leather strips. I used an old pair of leather trousers to make my strips. Cut the seams open to ensure flat pieces of fabric.

  2. Draw long lines and cut along the lines, or simply cut freehand if you have a good eye.

  3. When you have a good number of strips and your basket is dry, start to coil the leather strips around the metal bars, fastening them with the fabric glue as you go along. I did all the vertical metal bars before I did the horizontal ones. Cut more strips if needed. This sounds like a lot of work, but it is very simple and proceeds quickly if you persevere.

  4. When you have covered the entire frame, cut two 20cm pieces from the belt for the handles. Press two holes on both sides of the 20cm pieces of belt with the hole puncher, big enough for the cupboard screw to fit.

  5. Fold the 20cm piece of belt around the top frame of the basket to form a leather handle. Press the screw of the cupboard handle through and fasten it onto the frame with pliers.

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