Leather hooks

Why not give old leather belts a second chance? They make perfect hanging hooks for scarves.

The following items will be needed:

• Old leather belts
• A piece of left over wood
• Measuring tape
• Marker pens
• Screw driver
• A door knob
• A hanging device
• Paint – your choice of colour


• Take a leather belt and cut it into three equal pieces. Each piece should be about 30cm long.
• Take the piece of wood, make sure that the piece is clean and has no paint on it. Paint the wood in your choice of colour and leave it to dry.
• Place the wood on a work top. Make sure that you position the measuring tape more towards the middle bottom part of the wood. Measure out 3 equal spots with the measuring tape. Mark the spots off with a marker once you are happy that the spots are equal in spacing.
• Now you can drill three holes in the wood, use the marked spots as your guide.
• We are almost done! Use a doorknob with a long screw and press it through the leather belt and through the wood.
• Press a doorknob with a long screw through the leather belt and then through the wood. Fasten the screw to the back of the wood, securing the doorknob and the leather hooks to the wood.
• Attach a hanging device to the back of the wooden piece.
• Find a place where you want to hang your new leather hooks and see how well it works.

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