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It is March already, and my heart is full of promises and excitement. With nature coming alive and the evenings promising more daylight, we want to burst outside the house and enjoy this beautiful time of the year. The amount of greenery in England never disappears; it just gets more vivid during spring and summer. I come from the Orange Free State in South Africa, and winter in the Free State means goodbye green, hello pale.  Memories of this paleness and lack of green inspired me to work on a pale botanic theme this month. I must admit I love pale colours, and the variety of soil colours always give me a feeling of security that has run in my veins from childhood. “Botanic” is a wide topic, but it is basically everything that comes from a seed. The number of things that can be made from seeds is limited, but with inspiration from wonderful artists and crafters over the years, there are plenty of objects that we can reuse that have been inspired by a botanic theme.

For my webpage this month, I introduce three new techniques that work wonders for me and inspire me over and over again. You can look out for the following:

  • Brown paper pear
  • Diamond glaze decorations (new)
  • Wood transfers (new)
  • Wire crochet flower
  • Aged plate
  • Spray-on cement apple (new)

For my Facebook page, I am going to share easy day to day projects:

  • Felt flowers
  • Egg holder flowers
  • Toilet paper flowers
  • Air dry clay decorations
  • Vintage prints
  • Botanic themed tags
  • Plastic spoon flowers
  • Leaf prints
  • Dry flower decorations
  • Stone bookmarks

If you’re one of my more colourful readers, do not give up on me just yet, as next month we are going all green, and for May I’ll be sharing colourful floral delights.


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