Paper Stockings

Be inspired by your favourite pair of boots. Make a paper version of them and decorate it with a wire sock and string lace.

The following items are required:

• Hard paper measuring about 30x30cm in size
• Draw a template
• Thin copper wire
• Crochet pen
• Small awl or leather hole punch
• Paper glue

The method to make a paper stocking:

1. Once you have selected your choice of paper, trace your template twice. Using a pair of scissors, cut around the traced lines.
2. To give the two paper shoes a sturdy feel and look, glue them together. Along the top part of the shoe, now make holes which are about 1cm apart, using an awl or leather punch. Put the paper aside and start with the wire sock.
3. Firstly, measure the width of the top part of the paper shoe. This is the measurement to be used as a guide for the crochet cylinder. Eventually the crochet cylinder will fit over the top part of the paper shoe. To make your sock, you can use any stich or pattern, just make sure that it looks like a sock. If you are unable to crochet, try to get someone to do it for you.
4. Once you have the sock and are happy with it, then place the sock over the top part of the paper shoe and weave the two parts together with a piece of copper wire.
5. To add to the final touch of the shoe, add a piece of string. This will act as a lace. Your shoe is now ready to be displayed.

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