Papier-mache heart covered with tissue paper


Recycled items

  • Heart-shaped metal object

  • Left over tissue paper

  • Ribbon/string

  • Pieces of paper for the papier-mache

Also needed

  • Wallpaper glue

  • Scissors/craft knife

  • 10 cm light-weight galvanised wire


  1. Use the metal heart as mould and cover it in a papier-mache way.

  2. When the papier-mâché heart shape is completely dry, use a pair of scissors or the craft knife and cut the paper away from the metal heart by the sides. Remove the metal heart and cover the opening with paper and glue.

  3. Bend the wire into a horse shoe-shaped hook and cut an opening at the top of the paper heart with a craft knife. Insert the hook into the opening, then cover the opening with more paper and glue, with the hook in place.

  4. When the papier-mâché heart is completely dry, cover the newly made paper heart with tissue paper and wall paper glue.

  5. Decorate the heart with ribbon or trimmings by making a bow around the hook.

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