String heart


I learnt papier-mâché techniques from a friend and was excited to have my creativity fuelled and be challenged to think outside the box. My first task was to cover a standard balloon and my homework was to return the following week with a decoration. After much trial and error, I decided to use a heart-shaped balloon as a mould, and to decorate the paper heart with string. The results were unique, something that I have not seen before.

Recycled items

  • heart-shaped balloon

  • string

  • ribbon (as decoration)

  • pieces of paper for the papier-mache

Also needed

  • Wall paper glue

  • awl

  • 10 cm light-weight galvanised wire

  • craft knife

  • scissors

  • fabric glue and brush


  1. Cover the balloon with paper in a papier-mache way. Leave the mouth of the balloon free of papier-mâché.

  2. When the papier-mâché heart shape is completely dry, pop the balloon with an awl and remove what you can through the opening left around the mouth.

  3. Bend the wire into a horse shoe-shaped hook and cut an opening at the top of the balloon with a craft knife. Insert the hook into the opening, then cover the opening at the top and bottom with more paper and glue, with the hook in place.

  4. When the papier-mâché heart is completely dry, start coiling the string around the heart shape from the top to the pointed base, applying fabric glue as you go.

  5. Decorate the heart with ribbon or trimmings by making a bow around the hook

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