Bead hearts


I once made loads of heart-themed decorations for a craft market. These beaded hearts were a winner and remain so. Make a heart-shaped mould  from solid wood that you can use over and over again.

Recycled items

  • Solid block of wood, at least 20 cm thick and an area large enough to accommodate the wire template

  • beads of any size and shape

  • string

  • ribbon

Also needed

  • permanent marker

  • hammer

  • small nails (with very small heads)

  • medium galvanised wire (to create the heart-shaped template)

  • wire cutter

  • long-nose pliers

  • scissors


  1. Draw a heart shape to your desired dimensions on one side of the block of wood with a permanent marker. Hammer nails partially into the wood, following the heart shape, to create a template.

  2. Use a length of string to measure around the heart, then add another 2 cm. Cut the wire to this length and twist the extra 2 cm into a loop (to prevent the beads from slipping off).

  3. String the beads onto the wire, leaving just enough exposed wire (± 2 cm) to secure the shape.

  4. Bend the bead-covered wire around the template of nails. Twist the two ends together with long-nose pliers and lift the heart off the template. 

  5. Trim away any excess wire with the wire cutter.

  6. Decorate the heart with string or ribbon as desired.

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