Spoon Tealight Holder


Recycled items

  • 6 x desert-size metal spoons

  • Elastic band

  • Ribbon

Also needed

  • Tea light candles


  1. Using my ageing technique

    Make a fire with the charcoal, firelighters and matches! Place the spoons directly over the flames or coals, one by one. Leave until all paint coatings have burned away. Wearing oven gloves, use tongs to remove the spoons from the fire. Take care not to drop them or place them on top of one another as they will easily distort while hot. When all the objects are cold, wash them thoroughly under running water to remove any traces of ash. Dry the spoons with an old cloth; they are now ready.

    Follow the manufacturer’s instruction when using rust activator.

  2. Bend the bowl of each spoon backwards with your hands.

  3. Bunch the spoons together and secure them with an elastic band near the necks.

  4. Wiggle the spoons so that the bowls create the ‘petals’ of an open flower, while the handles create a stable base.

  5. Tie a ribbon over the elastic hair band.

  6. Place a tea light onto the flower.

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