Turning a bird cage into lampstand


Recycled items

  • Old birdcage
  • White linen fabric
  • Plastic bird with a clip attached
  • Old newspaper
  • Light fitting with fitted bulbs and cables

Also needed

  • a Measuring tape
  • Needle and thread
  • Wallpaper glue
  • Wire rack
  • Small saucer


  1. Tear the newspaper into small pieces.
  2. Pour some glue into a saucer and dip the newspaper pieces into the glue. Remove any excess glue with your fingers and paste the pieces of newspaper onto the plastic bird until it is covered. Leave it to dry on a wire rack overnight.
  3. Place the light fitting with the fitted bulbs into the cage, either through the door or (if you can) press it between the steel bars.
  4. Measure the length and width of the bottom part of the bird cage. Use these measurements as guidelines and tear the fabric accordingly. Iron the fabric flat and get rid of any loose threads. Then start to thread the fabric between the steel bars of the cage to cover it completely. This will form a different type of lampshade. Fasten the fabric with the needle and thread when the two pieces meet together.
  5. Clip the paper bird onto the top of the lampshade for extra detail.
  6. Plug the light fitting into a wall socket and allow the light to shine.

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