Tyre ottoman


Tyres are among the largest and most problematic source of waste due to the volume in which they are produced and their durability. However, the reuse potential of tyres is phenomenal – from mulch in flowerbeds to ottomans in boardrooms.

Recycled items

  • 2 small, firm tyres from a tractor lawnmower (or larger ones if you prefer)

  • Old throw/blanket (as fabric for the covering)

  • Piece of 6mm MDF wood

Also needed

  • Staple gun – medium thickness batting/wadding (to pad out the stool)

  • Pins, round needle and thread

  • Jigsaw

  • Fabric glue and brush


  1. Clean the tyres well, inside and out, to remove any grease.

  2. Stack the tyres on top of each other and staple them together. This will form the structure of the ottoman.

  3. Measure the height and the circumference of your stacked tyres, then add 30cm to the height and 5cm to the circumference; cut the wadding and fabric accordingly.

  4. Cover the tyres with the wadding, as if you were wrapping a gift. Use pins to temporarily fasten it where it overlaps along the length of the ottoman, then sew the seam together neatly. Remove the pins, then use the staple gun to secure the wadding to the top and base of the ottoman. Repeat the process with the fabric.

  5. Measure the diameter of the covered tyre from where the bevelled edge of the rim starts, then cut out two circles of that diameter from the MDF with a jigsaw. These will form the seat and base of the ottoman. Place the remainder of the fabric right-side down, with the remainder of the wadding on top of it. Place the MDF circles next to each other, but at least 10cm apart on top of the wadding and fabric. Cut out two fabric and wadding circles, then fold and staple them over the edge of each of the MDF circles. 

  6. Glue the seat centrally to the top of the ottoman and the base beneath it.

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