White roses


The bright whiteness of these roses is astounding. Plastic can be transformed to look like porcelain simply by heating it. You can use these roses for beautiful table decorations or brooches. The options are endless.

Recycled items

  • White plastic spoons

Also needed

  • Free-standing candle

  • Scissors

  • Glue gun


  1. To make the petals of your rose, you will need about 25 spoons. Working with one spoon at a time, heat the convex outer bowl over the candle until it is soft. Remove the spoon from the heat source and reshape it into a petal shape with your fingers.

  2. Heat the neck of each spoon and snip it off with scissors. Repeat the process until you have enough petals for your rose.

  3. Heat the neck of one more spoon and snip off its handle. This bowl will form the base of your rose. Fill it up with hot glue from the glue gun and arrange the petals from the outside in, to form a rose shape. You will need to work quickly before the glue cools down.

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