Unique tray

unique tray

Recycled items:
– Round table top or cut a round piece from leftover wood
– Leftover ribbon
– Small curtain rings

You will also need:
– Paint brushes
– Antique crackle base coat
– Antique crackle top coat
– Artist’s oil paint
– Small, soft cloth
– Turpentine
– Gold craft paint
– Staple gun
– Needle and thread


  1. Ensure that the surface of the table top is dry and clean.
  2. Paint the table top with gold craft paint and put aside to dry.
  3. When the paint is completely dry, use a paintbrush to apply an even, thin layer of base coat to the object’s surface. It should be dry after about 30 minutes.
  4. Paint the top coat over the base coat. This layer must be thick and smooth. Make sure you cover the entire surface.
  5. Leave to dry overnight. Cracks will appear on the surface.
  6. Rub a small amount of artist’s brown oil paint into the cracks, using a soft cloth.
  7. Once the cracks have been coloured, gently rub the excess paint from the surface with a damp turpentine cloth.
  8. Leave to dry for at least 24 hours before you apply any varnish.
  9. Mark four places on the newly crackling surface, to place the loops of the handmade handle.
  10. Cut four pieces 8cm in length from the ribbon, fold it around the curtain ring and staple gun it to the back of the table top. This will form the loops of your handle.
  11. Fold longer pieces of ribbon through the loops to form the handle. Fasten it by sewing the ribbon together with a needle and thread.

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