Wire Ball lampshade

This light will light up any dark corner or outside area.

Recycled items:

2 x wire hanging baskets (diameter 45 cm)

1 piece (1 x 1 m) 13 mm-hexagonal galvanised chicken wire

light fitting (any size)

You will also need:

heavy-duty gardening gloves

wire cutter

30 cm light-duty galvanised wire

1.5 m length of cotton ribbon (for decoration)

bent nose pliers

fabric glue

1. Using an ageing technique, burn the hanging baskets and chicken wire over an open fire. Leave them to cool, then wash. Unhook the chains from the baskets.

2. Wearing gloves, cover the hanging baskets with the chicken wire.

3. Position the two covered hanging baskets together to form a ball.

4. Cut the 30 cm-length of galvanised wire into six equal pieces (5 cm each) and use them to secure the two halves of the ball together.

5. Decide which half of the ball will be uppermost. At the very top, cut a hole in the chicken wire large enough for the light fitting to slip through. Tuck any protruding bits of wire away with bent nose pliers.

6. Your wire ball is now ready to decorate. I like to cover the seam of the ball and the base of the light fitting with cotton ribbon

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