Tea light votives

These tea light votives are ideal as table decorations or for a shelf. The wire mesh reflects candlelight beautifully.

Recycled items:

stainless steel shot glasses (any size)

1 piece (20 x 7 cm) 13 mm-hexagonal galvanised chicken wire per tea light votive

tea lights

You will also need:

sandpaper (grit size 150–200)

damp cloth

an empty bottle (neck size to fit comfortably inside a shot glass)

wire cutter

1. Using an ageing technique by burning the stainless-steel shot glasses and chicken wire over an open fire then leave to cool and wash.

2. Sand the shot glasses with the sandpaper to give them a more aged look. Wipe them down with a damp cloth to remove all excess dust.

3. Shape the piece of chicken wire around the neck of a bottle to create a cylinder that will fit inside the shot glass.

4. Place the wire cylinder inside the glasses for a decorative effect.

5. Place a tea light in each of the glasses and light them.

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