How to cover a cloth hanger for a more personalised look

Do not worry if you are not able to knit or crochet, there are easier ways
to cover hangers.
Recycled items required
• Wooden hanger
• Torn or off cuts of fabric
The following items will also be required
• Modge podge / PVA / wallpaper glue (I used wallpaper glue as it is
more economical)
• Water-based varnish and a brush
1. You will need to wear an apron while working with glue. I suggest
that you also protect your work space by covering it with plastic. Pour glue
into a small bowl.  Dip two small pieces of fabric into the glue. Remove any
excess glue from the fabric with your fingers.  Start covering the two ends
of the hanger first. To keep the fabric in position use either pins or even
a wooden peg. Repeat this process until the rest of the hanger is covered
with fabric. Allow to dry.
2. Once the hanger is completely dry, protect it with a water-based
varnish. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.
3. Your hanger is now ready to display the passed down Baptismal gown.

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