Safety Pin Stork

It boggles my mind, but when a new born baby is on way, or arrives, we run
off to go buy a gift? This month, I am going to focus on decorating a baby’s
room with creative ideas on a very limited budget. We are very good to use
upcycle items, so let’s get creative.  It might take time to create a
beautiful personalised treasure, but its value is far greater.
Safety pins becomes stork tea winners
I have over the years made so many of these stork teas as ‘thank you’ gifts.
My mum taught me how to make it. You need to use a large safety pin which
can be bent open to form the skeleton of the bird. The sharp point will be
the legs and the hook part will be the head. Draw a body on paper as a
template and trace it onto blue or pink cardboard. Cut it out with a pair of
scissors or a craft knife. Use two body parts and glued it together to form
the body of the bird. You can write thank you on the body of the bird and
draw a baby wrapped in sheets for the mouth to carry. The expectant mom can
hand out these safety pin storks to her guests as a small token of thanks.
This craft is so easy and hugely creative.

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