How to make a crochet basket hard

These bowls are so hard, they feel like plastic! Initially, I struggled to get my lace bowls sturdy and rigid. Luckily, I discovered an amazing product called ‘Powertex’. This product is the perfect answer for paper, textile, leather, cardboard, fibreglass, wood and sand.

Recycled items required

  • Doilies of all different sizes and shapes

The following items will also be required

  • Glass or ceramic bowls (to be used as moulds)
  • Clingfilm
  • Bottles (to be used as a prop)
  • Powertex
  • Blunt knife


  1. The glass or ceramic bowls are to be covered with clingfilm. The clingfilm bowls to rest on bottle necks face down.
  1. Work with one doily at a time, place the doily in the bowl and cover it with Powertex. The entire doily must be saturated with Powertex. If need be, use your fingers to submerge the doily.
  1. Once completely saturated, drape the doily evenly over the mould surface. Remove any air bubbles, excess glue with your fingers and gently stretch the doily evenly over the mould.
  1. Leave to dry for about 8 to 10 hours.
  1. The doily must be completely dry before attempting to remove it from the mould.  If it is not completely dry, it will lose its shape. When removing the doily from the mould, gently prise it from the mould with a blunt knife.
  1. Your newly made beautiful basket is now ready to be used in the nursery.

Caution:  To aid in protecting your worktops, always have access to running water when working with Powertex.

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