Elvis Hearts

Elvis Presley sang ‘Treat me like you really should, ’cause I am not made of wood, and I don’t have a wooden heart.’ This song was popular long before my time, but it was enjoyed by millions who lived through that era. I made one of these wooden hearts once as a birthday present for a friend; she was so overwhelmed that she began to sing this song. Her mother had died young, but loved the song. Without knowing this I captured a memory for her. I went home and made one for myself to remember the beautiful gift of giving. Give with an open heart – you never know whose heart you will touch.


Recycled items:

cardboard heart-shaped template (choice your own size)

leftover MDF wood (enough for your template)

tree/shrub branches and twigs in a range of diameters and types, dried


You will also need:


jigsaw fitted with a blade for wood

safety goggles

hand sander

mitre saw

garden secateurs

wood glue

staple gun


white acrylic paint


  1. Trace around the heart-shaped template onto the MDF.
  2. Secure the MDF to your workbench with a clamp. To cut around the drawing, begin by pressing the jigsaw shoe firmly on the wood with the blade away from the edge. Start the motor and guide the blade along the outside of the cutting line. Always move the saw forward at a pace that allows the blade to cut without deflecting or causing the motor to labour.
  3. Smooth the edges of the MDF with a hand sander.
  4. Using a mitre saw, cut the dried tree/shrub branches into 2-cm lengths. Cut as many as possible, to allow the perfect selection for completion of the shape. Twigs can be cut with secateurs.
  5. Place the MDF heart onto a flat surface and arrange the cut branch pieces onto it (cut side up) until it is completely covered. When you are happy with the layout, glue the pieces down with wood glue. Leave to dry overnight.
  6. Turn the wooden heart face-down and staple a loop of string to the back from which it can hang.
  7. I painted mine with white acrylic paint to fit in with my red and white theme for this month.

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