Jar Luminaries

Jar luminaries are so gorgeous and make wonderful décor ideas for special occasions like weddings, Easter, Christmas and even for parties.
The following recycled items will be required:
• glass jar (any size)
• lace stockings
• 50 cm light-duty galvanised wire

The following items will also be required:
• binder clips
• fabric glue
• paintbrush
• sharp scissors
• wire cutter
• long nose pliers
• linesman pliers
• candle

1. Choose the jars you wish to use. Remove the labels, wash the jars and dry well.
2. Take a stocking and push the jar, base side down, into the stocking. Ensure that the jar is snugly fitted into the stocking and pull the stocking tightly over the mouth of the jar and tie it with a binder clip.
3. Use a paintbrush and paint fabric glue around the rim of the jar. Apply pressure to the stocking against the glass, ensure that the stocking is firmly stuck to the glass rim. Leave to dry.
4. Once the stocking glued to the rim is dried, cut away the excess stocking.
5. Using a wire cutter, cut the wire in half. Take one piece of the wire and bend it around the jar to form a horseshoe shaped handle. We now need to create a small loop at each end of the handle by using a long nose pliers. Slip the other piece of wire through the loops and tighten it around the mouth of the jar with the linesman pliers.
7. Place the candle in the jar.

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