Pin star with a papier-mâché or airdry clay base

I was inspired by a friend of mine who is a blacksmith by trade. I was intrigued by the magnet star shaped object on his work table and realised that it held all the pins. Not only is it pretty, but it is such a versatile and handy gimmick to have. I decided right there and then to make my very own look like one.

The following items are required:

• Star cake cutters (2cm deep)
• Drying rack
• Silver/gold or bronze pins
• Air dry clay
• Notice board pins
• Pallet knife
• Paint or dye ink


1. Press the clay so that it is compact into the star shaped cutters.
2. Now while the clay is still wet, take the pins and press the pins into the top part of the clay star.
3. Leave the clay to dry on a dry rack once you have positioned your pins.
4. Before pressing the clay out of its mould, check that the clay is dry.
5. Remove the clay star from the cake cutter carefully with a pallet knife. Feel if the sides of the star are dry, if not leave on the dry rack until completely dry.
6. Once it is completely dry, you can paint the sides. Using an acrylic paint to match the colour of the pins, or alternatively by using a dying ink pad.

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