Pine napkin ring

pine tree napkin ring

The tassel on this little napkin ring is multi-functional. You can use it to decorate a napkin ring or hang it on doors for a green botanic decoration.

Recycled items

  • A bunch of long, straight pine needles
  • Old-fashioned peg top
  • Flexible garden twine
  • Wooden beads

You will also need

  • Scissors
  • Garden secateurs


  1. Bunch together a handful of the pine needles. Cut them straight at the top and the bottom.
  2. Use the flexible garden twine to fasten them together at one end.
  3. Fit an old-fashioned peg top over the fastened end.
  4. Make a loop with the garden twine, slip it through the wooden bead and pull through the fastening to give it the finished tassel look.

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