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Schools in the northern hemisphere have started a new academic year this week. Feeling like a little artist in front of a blank canvas, I have sent my troopers out to school. It’s a great opportunity to create a masterpiece with their leftover paint and half-cleaned brushes from the year before.

How many times do you offer yourself a clean canvas? Big changes can’t always give you a blank canvas, but if you change your mind set, you can change your circumstances. Throw out the dark coffee in your heart and fill it with milk. Well, that is what I am going to try to accomplish this month with my theme, “White and Light”. I hope it will inspire you.

This time, I have chosen a butterfly theme for my website. I’m going to show you how to make:

A paper butterfly wreath
A vintage butterfly with an old peg body
Air-dry clay butterflies displayed on a framed net
An air-dry butterfly on a doorknob
A framed butterfly brooch
A decoupage vintage butterfly on tins
On my Facebook page, you can also look out for the following:

A white bead heart
White tights around old vases
White logs for paintbrushes
A white bulb in a glass bowl become table lamp
Decorated white stones
White cases
White old silver
White lettering magnets
White key rings
White chain decorations
White gesso bowls
White spoon tea lights
White plaster peg holders
The beauty of white ferns

This week, I’ve also started an Instagram page, so follow me as we capture and share the world’s beautiful moments with each other.

I hope these ideas will inspire you and stimulate those crafty minds. Come and join me on my journey of white, light and new beginnin

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