Vintage butterfly


Recycled items:

Old wooden peg

30cm of black wire

Strong Vilene

Pieces of linen fabric

Newspaper/any leftover paper

Also required:

Hot iron

Fabric glue

Small paintbrush




How to make:

1. Draw a pair of butterfly wings onto the newspaper and cut it out; this will become your template.

2. Use the iron on a very hot temperature and iron the Vilene onto the fabric.

3. Place the Vilene ironed linen fabric onto a flat surface. Use the templates and trace the wings onto the fabric. Use the fabric scissors and cut out the wings.

4. Paint some fabric glue onto the peg with the small paintbrush and glue the wings to the peg.

5. Leave overnight to dry.

6. Use an awl to press two holes into the round part of the peg (which looks like the head of the butterfly). Cut two 15cm long pieces of the wire and push them into the pressed holes of the peg to form the antennae of the butterfly’s head.


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