Tea Light Votives

The wire mesh reflects candlelight beautifully, which creates the perfect ambiance for a dinner party and can decorate the table. They are perfect for enhancing your place of relaxation, or to light up dark corners of any room.

The following recycled items will be required:
• stainless steel shot glasses (any size)
• 1 piece (30 x 7 cm) 13 mm-hexagonal galvanised chicken wire per glass
• tea lights

The following items will also be required:
• sand paper (grit size no 150–200)
• damp cloth
• an empty bottle (neck size to fit comfortably inside a shot glass)
• wire cutter

1. We are going to use the ageing technique, which technique can be found under advanced techniques. Let us get started by burning the stainless-steel shot glasses and the chicken wire over an open fire. Be careful not to burn yourself. Once the process is complete, leave the items to cool.
2. To give the shot glasses an even further aged look, sand the shot glasses with sandpaper. To remove excess dust, wipe the shot glasses down with a damp cloth.
3. We need to form a cylinder which would fit into a shot glass. We can do this by shaping the chicken wire around the neck of the bottle.
5. To create a decorative effect, place the wire cylinder inside the shot glass.
6. Place a tea light in each of the glasses and light them.

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