1. Cover a stainless steel bowl with two layers of cling film then place its base down in the centre of a chicken wire (mesh) square. Bend the chicken wire around the outside of the bowl. There is no need to fold it over the rim or neaten it at this stage as you are going to trim it at the end. Place the bowl upside down on a bottle to lift it from your surface.


3. Dip the lace in wallpaper glue and stretch it over the chicken wire, paste on more glue with your hands if required.


4. Leave to dry overnight.

5. Apply another nine layers of glue, ensuring each layer dries thoroughly before you apply the next. It works well if you do one layer of glue in the morning and one in the evening.


6. When the bowl is completely dry remove it from the mould. Neaten the edges by trimming the wire with a wire cutter and the lace with a fabric scissor.


7. I have burned the edge of my bowl over a candle to finish it with a more old-fashioned look.

8. Finally seal the bowl with a water-based varnish. (Follow the manufacturer’s instructions)

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